Day 1 @WebSummit

After a night crawling the streets of Dublin with 5000 startup founders, I showed up bright eyed and eager to see what was on offer at the 2014 Dublin Web Summit. And I wasn’t left disappointed. Walking around first thing this morning, watching the many companies and startups putting the final touches to their stands, […]

Hybrid App Development

So there have been mutterings in the developer world lately that hybrid apps are the way of the future as they offer a faster and more flexible approach to multi-platform mobile app development. Who am I kidding here, they are screaming this from the rooftops. So what are the different types of apps, you ask? […]

And so it begins.

I’ve been telling myself for over a year now that I’m going to start a blog. Mainly to discuss my experiences as a programmer but also to give people an insight into some of my life experiences. Of course, there is always something more important or more urgent. But at last, here it is! And […]